๐Ÿ˜กServer Deleted?

Why can't I see my server anymore?

Why Has My Server Been Deleted?

At Hidencloud, we strive to provide a reliable and free hosting service. However, there are several reasons why a server may be deleted. Below are the most common circumstances that can lead to your server being removed:

  1. Weekly Renewal Not Completed:

    • Free servers on Hidencloud must be renewed every 7 days from the Hidencloud dashboard. If the renewal is not completed within this period, the server will be automatically suspended.

    • If not renewed within five days after suspension, the server will be permanently deleted and cannot be recovered.

    • On paid servers, the expected payment has simply not been made and within five days after suspension, the server will be permanently deleted and cannot be recovered.

  2. Free Service Limit:

    • Only one free service per user is allowed at any given time. If it is detected that a user has more than one active free service, the system will automatically terminate the first or the first few services activated to comply with this policy.

    • This is done to ensure fair and equitable access to all users.

  3. Violation of Usage Policies:

    • Any use that violates our acceptable use policies, such as hosting illegal content, warez, proxies, IRC, or bit torrents, can result in the immediate deletion of the server.

    • Excessive resource usage that negatively affects other users on shared servers is also prohibited.

  4. Resource Abuse:

    • If a server continuously consumes excessive resources (more than 25% of the total available resources on shared servers), we reserve the right to delete the server to maintain system performance and stability.

  5. Multiple Account Usage:

    • The use of multiple accounts to access free services is not allowed. If a user is found to have multiple accounts, Hidencloud reserves the right to delete all related accounts without prior notice.

    • Notifications will be sent to all email addresses associated with the multiple accounts, requesting that only one account be retained to comply with the service policy.

  6. DDoS Attacks and Illegal Behavior:

    • Any attempt to launch or conduct a denial-of-service (DDoS) attack from our servers will result in immediate deletion of the server.

    • Additionally, using the server for cryptocurrency mining, hacking, or engaging in any other illegal activities is strictly prohibited and will result in immediate server deletion and potential future access bans.

    • We take this policy very seriously, your server, account and associated services will be deleted immediately, permanently and without prior notice and you will not be able to use our services ever again.

Examples of activities completely prohibited in HiddenCloud:

  • Brute Force

  • Account Cracking

  • DDOS

  • Mining

  • Waste of resources

  • Crashers

  • Distribution of stolen accounts

  • IP puller

  • Key generator for any service

  • Databases of stolen accounts from any service

  • Spam

  • Any stolen or private information from any other company

Please note that if any of these activities are detected, your account and server will be deleted without prior notice.

What to Do If Your Server Has Been Deleted

If your server has been deleted and you need more information or assistance, we recommend following these steps:

  1. Check Your Dashboard:

    • Review notifications and the status of your server on the Hidencloud dashboard to understand the specific reason for the deletion, as well as your email.

  2. Contact Technical Support:

    • If you are unsure why your server was deleted or need additional help, please contact our technical support team.

    • You can reach us through Contact and Help

    • We remind you that if your server has been deleted (Terminated), support cannot recover your data.

Our team is available to help you and ensure you have a satisfactory experience with our services.

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