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Service Statuses at HidenCloud

At HidenCloud, each contracted service can be in different states depending on its life cycle and user actions. Below are these states and their meanings:

1. Activated

  • Description: This is the normal state of a service that is up and running. It means the service is active, and all associated invoices have been paid. The client has full access to the service and all its functionalities.

2. Suspended

  • Description: A service enters a suspended state when there is an unpaid service invoice.

  • Important Details:

    • Access: Nothing is deleted, but access to the service is unavailable.

    • Reason for Suspension: The suspension is due to an unpaid invoice. If payment is not made within 5 days, the service will be Terminated.

    • Client Notification: "The due date for this service was {due_date}. We regret to inform you that your service has been suspended due to a missed payment. To avoid termination, please settle/pay any outstanding invoice within {suspended_after} days from the due date. If payment is not received within this timeframe, your service will be terminated, resulting in the deletion or revocation of all data, files, and licenses associated."

3. Canceled

  • Description: A service is in a canceled state when the user has decided to discontinue the service, but it has not yet been terminated.

  • Important Details:

    • Access: Nothing is deleted, but the ser1vice is scheduled to be terminated.

    • Client Notification: "This service is scheduled to be terminated on {terminated_at}. If you have changed your mind, you can undo the cancellation before this date. If no action is taken, your service will be suspended and terminated. All files and data belonging to this service will be permanently deleted."

4. Terminated

  • Description: This state indicates that the service has been completely removed and cannot be recovered.

  • Important Details:

    • Access: The service has been erased and cannot be undone.

    • Client Notification: "This service was terminated. Termination can occur for various reasons, such as not paying on time or canceling the service. All data/files/licenses belonging to this service have been deleted or revoked. This process is irreversible."

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