๐Ÿ”ขChange Minecraft Type and Version

  1. Log in with your account, if it is the first time you will have the username and password in the email or on the dashboard.

  2. Select the server you want to change the version or type of Minecraft game on.

  3. Now go to configuration and then to advanced parameters.

  4. Then where it says "Install Different Edition" select the edition (type) and the version you want to install.

  5. Activate "Format" in case you want to delete all the old files and make a new installation and then click on Install. This process can take several seconds.

Adding an Unlisted Launcher/Version/Type

If you need to install a launcher/version/type that is not listed by HidenCloud, follow these steps:

Launcher Download:

  • Go to the official website of the launcher you wish to install. For example, if you want to install Magma, visit their site and download the version you prefer.

Uploading the .jar File:

  • Upload the downloaded .jar file to your server on HidenCloud. It is recommended to delete all existing files to avoid compatibility issues.

Renaming the File:

  • Once the file is uploaded, change its name to "server.jar". This will ensure that HidenCloud recognizes the file as the main launcher.

  • If you prefer not to change the name of the file, you can specify the new name (for example, "magma.jar") in the server's startup parameters.

These steps will allow you to use any launcher, even if it is not directly listed on the HidenCloud panel, providing you with the flexibility to customize your Minecraft server according to your specific preferences and needs.

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