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How to create a ticket?

Step 1: Join the HidenCloud - SUPPORT Server If you're not already a member of the HidenCloud Discord server, join using the invitation link discord.hidencloud.com
Step 2: Locate the HidenCloud Bot Once you're in the server, find the bot with the ID HidenCloud#8630. Ensure that the bot's name on the server is "HidenCloud - SUPPORT (DM)."
Step 3: Initiate a Ticket Send a direct message to the bot with the command "ticket." You can do this by typing the following message:
Step 4: Select a Category The bot will respond with a menu of options including "General inquiries," "Technical support," "Billing support," and "Account support." Click on the option that best describes your issue. For example:
[General inquiries]
Step 5: Fill in the Required Fields The bot will prompt you to complete certain fields to provide details about your problem. Respond to each question or provide the requested information based on the selected category. Be clear and detailed so that the support team can assist you efficiently.
Step 6: Create the Ticket Once you have filled in all the fields, the bot will automatically create a ticket and send it to the support team. You will receive a confirmation that the ticket has been created.
Step 7: Responses and Communication The support team will review your ticket and respond as soon as possible. You can reply to their messages directly in the same ticket chat to provide additional information or ask related questions.
That's it! You have opened a ticket in the HidenCloud Discord server, and now you can communicate with the support team effectively.