๐Ÿค–/suggest command

Instructions for Suggestions

Exclusive Use in Designated Channel: This command can only be used in the suggestions channel of HidenCloud on Discord. Access the channel using the following link: Suggestions Channel

Command Format:

/suggest titulo-title:[Your Title Here] sugerencia-suggestion:[Your Suggestion Here]


/suggest titulo-title:Bot Improvements sugerencia-suggestion:Add a new functionality for...

  1. Details:

    • titulo-title: Place the title of your suggestion after "title:". It should be brief and descriptive.

    • sugerencia-suggestion: Enter the details of your suggestion after "suggestion:". Provide the necessary information to understand your proposal.

  2. Status Notification:

    • You will receive a direct notification if your suggestion is accepted, rejected, or implemented.

    • Ensure that direct messages (DM) are enabled to receive notifications.


    [DM]: Your suggestion "Bot Improvements" has been accepted and will be considered for future updates. Thank you for your contribution!

  3. Important:

    • Please avoid sending suggestions that are out of context or violate server rules.

    Thank you for contributing to the improvement of the server! If you have any questions, feel free to contact the moderators.

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