๐Ÿ‘ฅOnline Mode

  1. Log in to the HidenCloud panel: Go to https://panel.hidencloud.com and log in with your credentials.

  2. Access the server: Select your Minecraft server.

  3. File Manager: Within the server management, look for the "Management" category and within it, find the "File Manager" option. This tool will allow you to access all server files, including configuration files.

  4. Locate the configuration file: Once inside the file manager, search for the Minecraft server configuration file. This file is usually named "server.properties".

  5. Edit the server.properties file: Right-click on the "server.properties" file and select the option to edit it. This will open the file in a text editor within the control panel.

  6. Find the online mode setting: Within the "server.properties" file, look for the line that says online-mode=true. This line determines whether the server requires premium authentication or not. If you want to disable online mode, change true to false. If you want to enable online mode, make sure it is set to true.

  7. Save the changes: Once you have made the modification, save the changes to the "server.properties" file.

  8. Restart the server: To apply the changes, it will be necessary to restart the Minecraft server. You can do this from the HidenCloud control panel by searching for the option to restart the server.

  9. Verify the configuration: After restarting the server, make sure to verify that the online mode is configured according to your preferences by reviewing the "server.properties" file again.

If you prefer to use FTP configuration, the steps would be similar, but instead of accessing the file through the control panel, you would use an FTP client to connect to the server and edit the "server.properties" file directly from your computer. In both cases, it is important to be careful when editing configuration files to avoid issues with server operation.

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