๐Ÿ”‚Version Compatibility in Minecraft with ViaVersion Plugins

How to Allow Players to Join Your Minecraft Server from Any Version

At times, you or your players might wish to establish a connection to your server using varying Minecraft versions. Achieving this is feasible through a plugin known as ViaVersion, enabling players to link up with the server using different versions.

ViaVersion: This serves as the fundamental plugin and is imperative for the functionality of all other add-ons. It empowers clients using more recent versions to interface with an earlier server iteration. Consequently, individuals on 1.16 can effortlessly connect to a 1.12 server. Please be informed that ViaVersion exclusively operates on servers spanning from version 1.8 to 1.17.

ViaBackwards: ViaVersion, by design, facilitates backward compatibility exclusively between the client and the server. ViaBackwards takes this a step further, permitting users employing outdated client versions to establish a connection with a more current server edition. Essentially, this means that individuals on version 1.12 can seamlessly link up with a 1.16 server. It is important to underscore that ViaBackwards necessitates the prior installation of ViaVersion.

ViaRewind: Whereas ViaBackwards is restricted to accommodating clients operating on Minecraft version 1.9 and above, ViaRewind broadens the spectrum, enabling clients utilizing 1.8 or 1.7 to connect with more recent server iterations. In essence, a client on version 1.7 could connect all the way up to a 1.17 server. It's essential to bear in mind that both ViaVersion and ViaBackwards must be installed to fully utilize ViaRewind.

Which plugins do you need?

Depending on the server and client versions you wish to support, you may need to install one, two, or all three Via Plugins. The chart below shows version compatibility if ViaVersion is installed.

Please be advised: When opting to connect using different versions, players might encounter bugs or issues. Regrettably, this is inevitable, given that specific features tied to particular versions may not manifest or operate as intended for users utilizing a disparate client version.

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