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Guide to Using the Hidencloud Panel

Guide on how to use the hidencloud panel
The Hidencloud Panel is a powerful and user-friendly web-based platform designed to manage and control various aspects of your cloud services and infrastructure. Whether you are a seasoned cloud professional or a beginner, this guide will walk you through the key features and functionalities of the Hidencloud Panel, enabling you to efficiently manage your cloud resources.

How to delete a file?

To delete a file, you need to navigate to the file manager and click on the three dots next to the file you wish to remove. Then, select the "Delete" option, and the file will be permanently removed from your storage. Exercise caution when deleting files, as this action cannot be undone, and it's essential to verify that you are deleting the correct file to avoid accidental data loss.
Delete File

How to add a subdomain?

To add a subdomain, go to the "Tools" section and select "Subdomain Manager". Here you will find a pre-existing subdomain. Delete it if necessary, and then create a new one by clicking the "Create" button. Enter the desired name and domain for the new subdomain and hit submit, and it will be successfully added to your website.
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